AEWORKSHOP is a designer toy company which is established since 2012. It is expanded from the branding solution company “Smartass Studio”. In order to provide the realistic experience to the client, Smartass studio uses “Toy” as a media and builds up the designer toy brand under the workshop as an example.

The services are including:

  • Design and consultation

  • Prototype making

  • Product evaluation

  • Production, packaging design

  • Retailing and wholesaling

  • Brand building

  • Promotion

  • Event planning

The workshop mainly consists of two members. Andyson W. and Elvis T. Both
founder back to Hong Kong for work after graduated from UK. Andyson was a
product designer. And Elvis was involved into toy industrial sector. They both love toy cultures and also designing their own toy is a dream for them ever. They are therefore establishing the toy workshop as their career. Apart from design their owned vinyl toys. AE Workshop always opens the idea with co-operating and assisting any other ambitious and creative designers from worldwide. Through the Workshop, we provide a platform for the designer to share and communicate their idea together. We make things right and quality assurance. And under our effectively uses of resources and our networks, we promote your works to market and to worldwide.

For the future, AE WORKSHOP will continuously collaborate with different designers. We will try to bring some more fun to the world.  And we will keep the passionate on design and aim to become another successful
"Hong Kong based" Toy and product design brand in the world.
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