We have invited Eric Chow to collaborate his work with us. And we will start our first Vinyl Toy projects this summer. We have come up with some rough ideas out and the project name is call "THE FATTIES". The main concept will based on the character that created by Eric Chow. In order to perform the displayable and collectible purposes. The size of figurine will basically based on 8" inch high. and the general ideas are merged with food from our daily life. We will keep our posts for updating you guys how's the project going and try to bring you get involved to the project during developing.

Eric Chow has also achieved some Awards

for his illustration work.
- Bronze - Serco Prize (2014)
- Certificate of Excellence - 3rd Greater China ilustration Awards (2014)
- Award of Excellence - Communication Art Annual (2017)

"We are happy to Know Eric as he is really good at communication art. We are very excited and looking forward what can he bring to the team in this project. " Andyson. W Founder of AE WORKSHOP

Eric Chow was graduated from London College of Communication. And he started his illustration career in 2012. He produces his illustrations using a powerful surrealist, often humorous style. After his three years journey at I Love Dust (UK), he is now working as a freelancer in Hong Kong.

And he is currently represented by i2i Art in Canada/North America area.


Client: The observer

Interviewing Professor Nick Bostrom on the danger posed by artificial intelligence.

Client: NU Property & Casualty Magazine

Special events insurance can be a ticking time-bomb.

Client: Little White Lies X House of Cards

Little Whites Lies with their forty-one artists to create As a tribute to the hit series about the extremes of power, corruption and lies in the White House, Eric has been invited by Little White Lies to participate and create a special limited edition deck of playing cards for Sony Home Entertainment.

Client: Canadian Business

Wonderful mix of metaphors with Eric's work accompanies some great advice on investment strategies and picking the right stocks and brokerage firm.