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第一場“The Fattie”的大型節目將於3月上映。香港將成為我們首次啟動個展的地點。我們將於3月10日 - 11日在大坑“jrinkinhk”設立自己的Pop-up店。


The 1st big show for “The Fattie” is coming up in March. Hong Kong will be the first place to us to kick off the Solo exhibition. We will set up our own Pop-up store at Tai Hang "jrinkinhk" during 10th -11th March.




Also we have gathered up 20+ artists from worldwide and different design fields to participate with their customization work for “Jeff” and for the show. 

Trash Talk Toy

由兩位認識多年的設計師主理,位於地球兩極 (澳洲和香港)的合作。因為喜歡古怪東西而一拍即合,受顳葉癲癇症影響而有幻覺的雕刻師,從小就繪畫出只有他才看到的噩夢,兩位設計師透過搪膠把異想世界的怪獸 “有血有肉”地帶到現實世界。而創造靈感多來自日常生活閒聊,故取名廢話(TRASH TALK) ,每個設計都天馬行空地構思認認真真地實行。


Trash Talk Toys is Australia and Hong Kong Based two-men project by Ian and Jona, a friendship sharing the same weird hobbies. Sculptor Jona has been diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, and has been drawing the nightmares from his hallucinations, altered memories and a twisted schema since young age. The two chose Sofvi as a medium to Transform the morbid thoughts into the real world as a living slithering nightmare. The name Trash Talk is taken since most of the ideas came from nonsense conversations, yet they complete each design with serious manner.

Predro Oyarbide

Pedro Oyarbide (1988) 現時以西班牙馬德里為創作基地。曾經在英國與多間工作室及藝術家經理人公司合作的他正在集中以自由身形式繼續創作。紋身圖案,裝飾用繪圖漫畫,滑板及電單車文化對他影響較為深遠。所以在Pedro的手繪風格很容易感受到的作品融合了適合市場味道的手繪風格。 與其合作夥伴包括 Hurley、Nike、Miller Lite、O'neill、Triumph Motorcycles 以及 DC。


Pedro Oyarbide (1988) is an artist and illustrator currently based in Madrid, Spain. Having worked in the past in the UK for numerous agencies and studios now he focuses on his freelance career. Pedro’s work combines an easy recognizable hand drawn style with strong influences of tattoo, ornamental drawings, comic books, skateboard and motorcycle culture and pop references. He has worked for clients such as Hurley, Miller Lite, O'neill, Nike,Triumph Motorcycles and DC. 

Octoplus Gallery

從事產品設計及品牌形象的P爺,於日本著名玩具品牌RESTORE舉辦的一個國際性搪膠玩具上色改裝設計比賽中、獲得亞軍殊榮。P爺擅長將搪膠玩具素體加以改裝上色,變成如藝術品般的Art Toys。
P爺的作品散發著顏色、細節及實驗性的意念,到他的Instagram -,尋找OPG為不同玩具設計師及私人收藏家合作的作品,亦可PLAY、WORK and CREATE的創作意念。


Pierre. H has engaged in product design and branding design business for many years. He became the first runner-up at the worldwide painting contest from Japan famous Toy Brand – Restore. Pierre is good at transforming and painting the blank version sofvi to become a Toys like art. His works fully filled with his color, detail and experimental ideas, via his, you can find out more what OPG did for different toy designers and private collectors. Also tasting his advocation of his creative ideas of “Play, Work, Create.”

Tim Easley

以英國倫敦為基地的插畫和設計師Tim Easley以大膽線條,亮麗顏色為主調配
其合作夥伴包括 Nike、Vodafone、BBC、Disney、MOO、Etsy 以及 Foot


London based illustrator and designer Tim Easley is best known for his bright palette and bold lines, imaginatively fusing playful characters and hand drawn lettering. Having also worked stints in Tokyo and Seattle, Tim is influenced by urban kitsch, nature, and neon signage. He creates work both personally and commercially in a variety of mediums, including hand drawn skateboards, canvases, plasticine sculptures, painted basketballs, and digital pieces.
Select clients include Nike, Vodafone, BBC, Disney, MOO, Etsy & Foot Locker. 

Liane Plant

Liane 是一位出生於伯明瀚而現時定居於南倫敦的視覺及插畫藝術家。她偏愛執著於其作品的細節。其創作特色深受哥德式建築,復古色情,經典汽車改裝以及前期滑板文化圖案影響。

Roar Artists為其在英國的代表公司。


Liane is a visual artist & illustrator born in Birmingham currently residing in South London. Her work reins in a love of detail, taking influence from gothic architecture, vintage erotica, kustom kulture & the strong graphic images of early skate culture.

Represented in the UK by Roar artists 

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