Vinyl Toy Projects -  コツクドーム軍団 (Cockdom Legion) Crafted by ELVIS TAM


We are pleased to announce our another vinyl toy project which is also under progress. The item call "COCKDOM Legion" in japanese "コツクドーム軍団".

Story Background:

Cockdom - extremely pure intelligent living being, existing in the only livable planet of Galaxy Hoag  - " The green soil ". As they are simple minded and pure, they are not recognized as an enemies to other creatures in the planet. Also, because of their extremely outstanding intelligent and civilization. They do not like other creatures of the same planet who were suffered by starving, climate changing and pollution and lead to mass extinction occurred at the end. On the contrary, Cockdom are very smart when facing the threat of finding any kind of resources. They clearly understand how important to be friendly and polite to other creatures, No matter to other kind of high intelligent creatures of planet (alike human in earth), lower level creatures, and even if it is not come from the same planet. So Cockdom has become the only recognition and acceptable living being can be a pet in The Green Soil.

Except for the Pet owners themselves who given the name to identify them independently. Actually in the Cockdom family, there is no independent name in their group. Because all of them understand they are just the same, no one will take over the others. They are very associated, supporting each other. They also love to make friends with other creatures. So it is also very popular in the galaxy. Although, they love to travel to other planet to meet new friends. However, their skin is more fragile and fragile than the other creatures of the planet. In order to avoid the body crack by universe garbage during travelling in space. They have invented a special designed gear for protection the body.

Cockdom have been through the living environment changes for hundreds of millions years. Due to their high intelligence thinking ability and the special body structure, they have evolved to be able to adapt any extreme climate and living environment. They are the only creature which is able to come across the food shortages and climate change..........The next stop for travel......will be the "Earth".....................