Meet "The Fattie" in Tai Hang, Hong Kong
一起與ERIC CHOW << 迷失大坑 >>

一場屬於AE WORKSHOP與ERIC的首個作品展在3月10-11日於大坑 “jrink” 以Pop up的形式展現給香港區顧客。

主題圍繞插畫家ERIC CHOW所創造的玩具系列“The Fattie”。並在展覽旗間首次展出“The Fattie” 系列內整個世界觀,人物角色,關係利以文字及插畫形式呈現出來。同時現場會展出過往推出過的作品及OG色系漢堡人偶-Jeff 的搪膠玩具。展覽同時AE WORKSHOP 亦邀請到20多位由不同國家的Artists 為Jeff 舉辦了"Custom" Show。

The very first exhibition belong to AE WORKSHOP and Eric was just happened at "jrink" in Tai Hang, Hong Kong with Pop-up functions during 10-11/Mar. Under the theme of Toy Collections "The Fattie" which is created by illustrator - Eric Chow, this is the first time for him to present to the public the whole world views, characters and relationship of "The Fattie" by using words and illustrations. All the previous works and OG colorways vinyl toy - Jeff also displayed during exhibition.  Furthermore, there are more than 24 artists from worldwide were being invited for customization project for "Jeff". 

展覽當日,20多位由不同國家及地區的Artists 為Jeff 定上新的定義。當中不乏搪膠界品國際人氣設計師及塗裝師。先打響頭炮有本土塗裝界翹楚,行內稱為"P爺"的前輩以及一直以情侶檔作品組合身的Don’t Cry In The Morning創作“Custom”款。另外過江龍更有國內領導者RedHotStyle 赤熱玩具工作室, 亦有美國膠界人氣美女Candie Bolton及挪威鬼匠Remjie Malham參與。除此之外,AE WORKSHOP同時亦跨界別邀請到英國,西班牙,台灣的人氣插畫家。例如:剛在歐洲為FootLocker以其個人風格在其羅馬店舖創作的主題店的Tim Easley。剛在去年為VANS設計個人風格圖案單品的Liane Plant等等。除了一般插畫界別,玩具界別,產品設計界別。展覽亦同時邀請到挪威的紋身師參與製作“Custom"實行創造作多元化風格。

During the exhibition, there are more than 20 artists have innovately given a new definition to Jeff itself. The whole project goes global under the managment by AE WORKSHOP. The collaboration definitely in a cross-cultureal context. The amazing line-up was enriching the whole content of exhibition. It is including illustrator, tattoo artist, product designer, graphic animation designer, also the Toy designer and painter. From toy industry, the pioneer of "Customization" expert -  "Octoplus Gallery", and talented couple - ​"Don't Cry In The Morning", "Redhot Style"- one of the leading designer toy brand from China, also two Sofvi super star- Candie Bolton and Remjie Malham, they are all being invited to the show. And from illustration sector, there are some famous illustrators from United Kingdom, Spain and Taiwan were also being invited. Such as, Tim Easley, who have just done a collaboration with Footlocker EU for decorating the whole flapship store in Roma with his signatures artwork. Liane Plant, has been participated a illustration projects for SIZE? UK and Vans last year.

藉著這次展出機會,AE WORKSHOP希望能夠將外國有實力有潛質的Artist帶給香港觀眾認識。同時亦希望將本土設計師及其作品帶出國外讓更多人認識及認同。展覽亦希望能讓參觀者感受跨界別設計帶來可塑性的張力及視覺衝擊。同時希望提升設計“玩具"的認受性,創造性。因為搪膠玩具市場直至現在仍然是被低估。

是次<<Lost In Obessesion>>系列展覽會以巡迴形式作定位。 AE WORKSHOP將在2018內將 "The Fattie" 的故事帶給北京,台灣等地區朋友認識。至於其他地區或第一手資訊,請各位密切留意團隊去向。


AE WORKSHOP is taking this opportunity to bring some kind of impact and stimulation to visitor and the market as well as intend to introduce some more potential, talented artists to the visitor in Hong Kong. At the same time, delivering the recognition and the value of designer toy to the audience will always be the first priority to the team. 


The <<Lost In Obessesion>> exhibition will be shown in cities around the world, starting from Hong Kong. Beijing and Taipei will be the next cities for the world tour in 2018. The full collections of customization works will travel with AE WORKSHOP every single exhibition in order to introduce the story of "The Fattie" to peoples around the world.

For more place to go, please stay tuned.

客製一覽 Customization Showcase