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Continue <<Lost in Obsession>> @ FANXperience GuangZhou



After Shanghai Toy Show, we met with the guy who is in charged all event stuff for "Poplife".

And found that there is a Show  will run in Guangzhou during May. It's call "FAN X" the fan x perience. This is the very first time for them to run this show in China. And it is regularly happened in US as known as "Salt Lake Comic Con". During the event, Poplife has invited some famous artists to Guangzhou to get closer with the Fans in China market. Likes Ron English and Coolrain. 


And for us, AE WORKSHOP joined the event and decided to bring our whole collecton of Vol 1 of Lost in obsession - Hong Kong back to GuangZhou for sharing all the Custom works from worldwide. We did achieved what we want and really thankful to receive different kind of support from different people, industry, as well as artists in China. That's a great chance for us to get closer with the Fans in China.

Here's what our booth setup.. To match with our new Monochrome Jeff


 Introduce our new AE Artist - David Gonzales

 Our first offical <<Lost In Obsession>> in China

 Feels really excite to interactive with visitors.....Thank you..


 Appreciate to get an autograph from Ron English

 He's get excited about the work from our artist- David Gonzales (AKA Evildave)

 Here we go!!!

 Another pieces

Great works by David Gonzales. Great Figure by Secret Base and Designed by Ron English.

-Supersize Me-


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