Nice to meet you! I am Zach.

In these days, I am being a commercial freelance illustrator, even I don’t want to be commercial. I have been using different drawing styles and skills to fulfill various clients’ expectations.

However, I would like to have my own way to present my drawing styles and my works of art.


Trying to be myself, I like creating something cool, funny, interesting and amazing

,similar to a (naive) kid,who loves playing and drawing without logic, meaning and responsibility.

Toy is an excellent playground for sharing fun, let’s us enjoy the creations and joy.

Zach Lo was graduated from C O 1 School of Visual Arts . And he started his illustration career in 2010. He produces his illustrations using a water c style. After his three years journey at SILLY THING and KUDOS FILM , he is now working as a freelancer in Hong Kong. Andyson. W Founder of AE WORKSHOP

Zach Lo 

Client: big big channel

An illustration poster of The Taxorcist Sidequel ­ Chapter 

one(2017), can watch it in big big channel app

Client: HeHeHe

An illustration about Sherman Chung


A movie poster of LET’S GO(2011)


Illustrations for the Obscura magazine

Client: The Room Creative

Illustrations for T­shit design about HONG KONG

Eric Chow
Eric Chow
Zach Lo
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